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Plant Sense EasyBloom Plant Sensor Now Available at!

The EasyBloom Plant Sensor is Now Available at!

PlantSense EasyBloom Plant Sensor

Grow a perfect garden without the guesswork.

Is this corner too hot, too dark, or too dry? Instead of wondering which plants will thrive where, know for sure with EasyBloom. This ingenious in-ground sensor reads and analyzes growing conditions in specific spots in your yard or home, including sunlight, temperature, humidity, soil moisture and drainage. Plug it into your computer and watch as it turns readings into recommendations, listing plants sure to flourish in your exact environment. Narrow your search even more by specifying desired bloom color or season, plant height, drought tolerance, deer resistance and other features.

EasyBloom puts expert plant help in the palm of your hand:

· Access the EasyBloom database of 5,000+ plants (developed with the largest wholesalers of plants and flowers)

· Find plants to thrive in every area of your home and garden, based on algorithms developed by plant horticulturalists and botanists

· End the discouraging cycle of trial-and-error planting

· Diagnose ailing plants and bring them back to health

· Personalize the My Plants database for one-click tracking of your own plants

The ultimate “why didn’t someone think of that sooner” invention, EasyBloom is like having your own personal team of botanists on-call around the clock. The result? You spend a lot less time working in your garden, and a lot more time enjoying it. A perfect gift for novices to experienced gardeners, EasyBloom is completely reusable and works with PC and Mac.

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